Advertising & Marketing!

Let’s see! There is free, featured and banners (banners cost and so to featured event posts)


Yes! Free. You can register on either of our event sites and then post event for free.  You can post to the Event Calendar or to a Business Listing or non-business listing. Try it out. It’s free. Wanting to help a friend get the word out? Register on one or both of these sites,® or®.

The free advertising limits the images “locations” to the Calendar post or the Business Directory

In Contrast, for a fee, the Banner Advertising images are allowed in various locations on a page before and Calendar or Business listing or on the side of the page. Banners will be limited to a specific geographic location within a State.  For example, Cities and State.  (For multiple State advertisements please call 866 -397-6939)


  1. Super Huge Banner  – Dimensions 1600px wide by 900px height ($2400/wk, $6,900/mo and $49,000 per year) *
  2. Side bar Banner – Dimensions 300px w x 450px h (Monthly pricing only $ with one month minimum)
  3. Above page content – Dimensions 600px w x 150px h  ( Monthly pricing begins at $499/mo

Allow 5 working days for ad setup.

Critical: Please have all your banners ready to go before applying for placement. All graphics are to be designed by you, or someone you hired as we do not do the banner design work. Banners must be designed to  to size specifications. You are solely responsible for all art work, quality, size and authorization of use. Advertising on the sites are ad independent of one another. There is no discount pricing for advertising on both sites;® and®

Switching advertising: Upgrade or downgrade will result in price changes.  If you downgrade from annual to another plan  you lose the discount from inception. Select a plan that is right for you.

Business Directory

Both® and® are ran independently but owned by S Valencia International.  You can chose to subscribe to just one site or subscribe separately to both. The prices are the same for each site and there is no discount for subscribing to both sites at this time nor do we anticipate and business directory discounts for subscribing to both.

Business Membership Plans

This area is underdevelopment for Business that want access to the various features to one or both sites.  Our pricing model will include “bundles” for VIP membership class. Check back soon or call 866 397-6939 and as for Wolfie.