Non-Profit Organizations

We know what it means to be down on our finances and health. We have been there. This is why S Valencia International in conjunction with,® and® have discounted the price, or reduced the price for Non-Profit Organizations to just $1.00 per month, “payable annually”   or $12.00/ yr. This price is non-refundable.

Your Organization will be able to post events that such as charity events and fund raisers! Let others know of your efforts easily on the our sites.

Non-Profit Organizations

So that we do not get into trouble allowing you to list as non-profits, we will require some form of proof of non-profit status be mailed to: Click here to upload proof if you have already “subscribed” to one of our event sites as a paid subscriber. 

S Valencia International
c/o Non-profit verification
205 Court Street
Jackson CA 95642

Countries Served Currently

Due to legal concerns we are limiting our efforts to the U.S.A. as we are a small firm of limited means ourselves.  Please do not confuse financial means with our ability to meet the needs of U.S.  non-profits and others today.

As time passes, and we increase our revenues and staff, we will begin to add other Countries as well. is a product of S Valencia International

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