Promotions on!

On 11/14/2017 we posted a blog on or Facebook page announcing this promotion for Musicians / Bands effective 11/15/2017 and running until we have two listing from each State in Any Country (exceptions are with Countries that are banned from doing business with the U.S.)

Directory Listing

With on our event sites & many of the listing packages have customized templates. For example,  Band Listings will have “labels, text areas with editors, keywords and tags set up for bands.

Posting of Events

Posting of events are tiered.  There are free events, featured events and ticket events. For more information check out our sites or sign up for our new letter

Huge Banner

Banner Advertising or Promotions.  You provide the banner. It must be high quality .jpg and have the dimensions of 1800px wide by 500px height.  Registration required.  This offer will expire 01/01/2019

You must also let us know in which City(ies) you will be performing in, post your event in the “free events” section or “pay” to be featured in the listing section.


To register on click here

To register on click here

To register on click here