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Event Searching? Making it nice!

The first thing to know is that there are two “distinct” areas to search for events.  The “Event Calendar-way” (ECW) and the “Business Directory-way” (“BDW”). Try both! Why?

Event Calendar-way – option to sell tickets

The “event calendar-way” is a distinct part of our event sites. The “ECW” allows you to “link” to any web address such as a website, a  web page or “our” Business Directory listings on® or®.

When adding in events you can add events to “both” the Event Calendar-Way or to the Business Directory-way (“BDW”).  Both allow for a free event listing for 2019. The major difference it that the “Calendar-way” will have options “integrated” in sharing events that the Business Directory-way will not.

For example, community ticket sales. The “feature” of selling tickets is only available using the “Calendar-Way.”

Another important distinction is that sharing events using the Calendar-way will not add the event to the Business Directory Events.

Thus, the best way to promote your events is to post the event to the Business Directory and the Calendar.  Note! In order to have “event postings” to display a special event TAB is to subscribe to a business directory listing.

Business Directory-way – events tab

The “business directory-way” is one whereby a “paid directory subscriber” (one who subscribes to create a “yellow-yelpish” kind of listing post events for their business or service and then all their events can be found under a “special events tab” attached to their listing.

What are the advantages of having a business directory listing?

Search using Filters

The list of item that may be available when performing a search using the Event Calendar-Way or the Business Directory-Way will include some or all of the following.

Event Categories
Featured Events
Cost ($)
Country (only the U.S.A as of 2019)