Welcome to WHTme.com the Events Happening Network

Listed below are some of the feature and benefits.

About WHTme

WHTme is the development of S Valencia International an American based, proprietorship who’s headquarter is located:

S Valencia International
205 Court St
Jackson CA 95642

Phone: 866-397-6939   |  Fax 209-223-3227

To my Friends Desiring to become Early Bird Beta Testers

We will select a many beta testers to use the site “for free” and some will received “access” to the features for free for up to three years.

The Triple Threat! Planned Features for the Trilogy

The Triple threat, aka Trilogy of Event Sites are:

  1. WHTme.com
  2. WhatsHappeningToday.com®
  3. WhatsHappeningTonight.com®

Other Directory and Event Sites

You may be interested some “additional sites” being developed by S Valencia International.

  1. Put On A New Face
  2. EverythingAgricultural.com
  3. ACE911.com
  4. WineDrinkingFriends.com
  5. BeerDrinkingFriends.com

Features Proposed

  1. Event Postings
  2. Business directory listings (BDL)
  3. Event Planner User Types
  4. Banner Advertising
  5. Ticket Sales
  6. Google Analytics access for BDL subscribers
  7. Links to Facebook and Twitter (BD subscribers
  8. Event Postings for Free (30 days)
  9. Event Postings standard and featured for more than 30 days (fee applied)
  10. Event Buddy access to chat and post images very similar to another site we all know
  11. Special Band Module
    1. Special Band Directory
    2. Music list
    3. Event connected Tab (all your gigs can be displayed)
    4. Musician Search
    5. Video Posting/Songs
    6. Cross reverence to there Musicians

Each Site will require “its’ own registration for security purposes.  It will not be a “one sign on” for now.  Maybe into the future.

There are still may items we are working on so get in on the ground floor, do a good job, and who knows what other opportunities will come about.

This is not a contract or promise of future compensation. Instead it is an offer of free services to the site and it’s features for free for a specific period of time.