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We are S Valencia International


SValencia International is a 100% privately held U.S. owned proprietorship. We are self funded through internet hosting and sales, advertising and contributions from Athena Insurance and Financial Services and subscriptions from viewers like you. And we thank you for your use of our services.

S Valencia International owns such sites as,, EverythingAgricultural.coma, and a variety of other sites for Social Networking and for Insurance lead generation for our sister company.

Our sister company. the foundation and major sponsor of The Events Happening Network is Athena Insurance and Financial Services a United States Independent Insurance agency also privately held.  Today Athena Insurance operates in more than half of the States in the U.S. and in Mexico.  Athena Insurance has access to nearly 200 insurance carriers and caters to “specialty” insurance services such as Cannabis, Timber, Agriculture, Construction and Bonds.

Athena Insurance and Financial Services has was founded in 1996 and is now providing insurance services in 46 States. check here.

 is the hub for our Event Sites® and® Event sites.  Why?

Marketing Baby! We will have for you some really cool hats, jackets, cups and more for prize give-aways in the up coming seasons so be sure to register and creating friends, friends we call “Event Buddys.”

We want to hear everybody say “WHTme and make me want to HOLLAR!” We need a song for that man! This is hot!

We are developing an “app” which will allow our users to post or find events on either or both sites. During the mean time we encourage you to visit both of them. If you experience some down time it is because we are adding in some new features.


What’s Happening Today?





The Events Happening Network! Event Buddys Bring It

It's Coming.. Put on a NEW FACE!

Hey! What’s happening today Event Buddys? The short answer is… “It’s®® is the hottest up and coming social media site in the United States!  What? But what if you are seeking evening events? Not a problem.. then it’s “®!  Bring it on Event Buddys.  Get registered today for free! News!

Latest News

Hello All! Whats’ Happening at the Events Happening Network? We are about to go back online with over 1000 new events added each day! So, here is what we want you to do to make this the hottest’s site around. We can you to add events from everywhere and you can do so for FREE! And, we will be implementing a two tier system. One to connect events to business listing and another to connect events to an event calendar. Yes!

Next, need event insurance for an event you are having. No need to go shopping around. We will have the most cost effective and competitive prices around. Save your time shopping for fun things like finding out What’s Happening Today or What’s Happeninng Tonight.

Tell all your friends to come on over and become an Event Buddy today. Woof woof!

Promotion 12/25/2017

WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST Promotions rules and requirements You must register and be at least 18 years of age You must agree to have the wordpress theme …

Hello world!

Welcome to “The Entertainment Network” We are getting ready for some really great promotions for our event sites® and®.  Jake Esch jersey authentic What kind of promotions …

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