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Trials and Tribulations

Today is September 18, 2022. I am taking this time to reflect on life and the decisions I have made along the way.

So as to not bore you with details not associated with web site development, I will keep this post short and sweet.

Steve Valencia

Steve Valencia – Website Designer 2019


One evening, while attending a conference, I did my best to find something to do while I was in the City of Sacramento at the La Riverage.  This was way back in 2006! To date myself, this was when a computer monitor was about 24 inches deep. lol

I remembered looking at the monitor and thinking, would it sweet to be able to type in some activity that I wanted to do and find it locally? Fast forward…

With the assistance of some great WordPress plugin developers I finally have all the plugins to make my Event sites work. Now, it’s time to put the pieces together again.

Hosting Providers

There are thousands of ads and opinions of hosting providers.  Here is what I have to say about hosting providers the your hosting plan.  If you are “serious” about a dynamic site, you should subscribe to a plan where you have a “dedicated” server.  Meaning, not a shared environment.  More to follow on this.  Next, select a hosting provider that will not just tell you to hire a server administrator.  There are hosting providers out there that have managed server support at a reasonable hour price.

Determination to over come Trials and Errors

I have invested months if not years of hours learning by trial and error.  For the novice, here is my opinion again.  Make sure the plugins you use have the following:

  1. Good ratings
  2. Prompt support.  Do some research on the plugins before you purchase the pro versions.  Support should be able to respond within a day, two at the most. (excluding weekends) I am talking about plugins and not the hosting. With Hosting you really want a 24 / 7 support host.
  3. View, how many downloads and active instances and be sure to look at when the last time was that the plugin was updated.
  4. Theme, same applies to a good theme.  Support for errors, trouble shooting and time to respond are critical.

That’s it for now.  More to come as I develop the trilogy of Event sites.

Best regards,

S Valencia



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